In this 30-minute webinar Gareth Redshaw will share insights and recommendations that will show best practices to implement when negotiation with Microsoft. In addition, you will learn how to optimize what you are purchasing and reduce what you spend.

Gareth will showcase a recent example of a project highlighting his methodologies and the results that were delivered.

You will learn the following:
  • A market update on Microsoft’s strategy, their drive to cloud and sales tactics
  • Methodologies that will reduce your mega vend spend significantly using a Microsoft approach as an example
  • How to optimize your licensing successfully ensuring you are only purchasing what you need
  • The importance of cloud in your commercial negotiations
  • Tips for developing an accurate consumption forecast
  • Recent examples of commercial outputs that have delivered significant cost savings and can be easily replicated





Gareth Redshaw

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Gareth Redshaw is the Director for SME, Cloud & Strategic Partners at Cloud Optics, who are a company in the Livingstone Group . Cloud Optics consultants are recognised as some of the most experienced and skilled in the world having provided services to Fortune 500 global clients regularly and having worked on some the largest, complex and sophisticated software license negotiation’s in the world.
Gareth has over 15 years’ experience in software licencing and during his career he has helped clients optimise spend, develop their future strategy and taken control of high-profile vendor negotiations including one of the largest UK Government contracts.
Having successfully managed UK wide government EWA contracts from 2009-2011, more recently Gareth developed a proven methodology for cost optimisation. He has implemented this across EMEA wide clients and delivered substantial savings.
Gareth developed and grew the largest LSP’s practice for Microsoft government SME consulting and Cloud Commercial Optimisation. In addition to this he was responsible for this same LSP’s Licence Consulting UK, Ireland & Nordics.

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