The Soft Skills you need for SAM Success

June 27, UK 11:00AM BST, US 2:00PM EST

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So you’ve got the licensing expertise. You know your Microsoft from your Micro Focus, your PVUs from your PURs.  But perhaps you’re still struggling to get the recognition and support that your SAM program deserves across your organization?  In 2019 and beyond, your SAM success will depend as much on your soft skills as your SAM knowledge.

Join us to discover more about the soft skills that will help you gain buy-in, support and appreciation of your efforts.  It could be the difference between SAM success or failure. 



Matt Fisher

Chief Commercial Officer, Livingstone

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Matt has 15 years’ experience working with SAM and ITAM leaders to gain support and recognition for their efforts. He is a regularly speaker on the SAM & IT management conference circuits.

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